Jump Higher Training Program? Get Explosive Power in 30 Days

What’s the best jump higher training program out there? There are tons of exercises to choose from…so choosing the best ones is somewhat difficult. I’ll make it easier on you…most workouts should be ignored because…

They don’t work

Why else do so many athletes follow the programs religiously…and yet fail to improve their athleticism? If you want to know how to get hops for basketball…volleyball…or any other sport, here is how to make it happen.


These are great because they increase the speed of your muscle contraction…a critical element for

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siveBox jumps are among the top plyometric workouts because they mimic the leaping motion. This is critical for gaining height.

How to perform the box jump correctly

It’s very simple…just leap from the ground to the top of a box. It should be tall enough where doing 6-8 reps is difficult…and if it’s easy than get a taller box. This is how to develop explosive leg power quickly.

But plyometrics aren’t enough…

If your muscles contract quickly but you don’t have power to maneuver them, you will get in the air quickly–but the height of your vertical will be very limited.


Squats and dead lifts are probably the best overall workouts to build up your strength, and you might throw in bench presses as well.

Don’t waste time on tons of different weight lifting workouts because these 3 will make the most difference. As always…less is more.

To wrap up…

In both plyometrics and weight lifting, performing the workouts quickly is how to get more hops. If you let your jump higher training program drag on and on by doing too many reps you will fail to get results.