Can You Make Money by Playing Online Games?

There goes a story about the football player, Pele, that when he was chosen to play for the premier league, he was offered a phenomenal amount. He was astonished to know that he would be getting paid to play a game which was his hobby. That he later on made history in football neither here nor there.

Now you can play your game and win money too. There are many games on the net that are free and many who charge hefty amounts to play the games. The desire to play is so huge that they do not mind paying the amount. There are number of ways by which you can make money on the net by playing games. Let us try to find those ways:

1) You can conquer the various levels of the games for which there is prize money. Depending upon the popularity and the difficulty, you can win huge amounts of money.

2) There are real-time competitions of the games all over the world especially in the FIFA, racing, and มวยออนไลน์. You can earn huge prizes if you are a pro, which are sponsored by real companies. The competitions are held every now and then.

3) Some games you can win small amounts for only visiting their sites and playing their games as you make number of sign ins.

4) You can give your reviews and suggestions after playing the games. For every suggestion taken up you will be paid.

5) While reaching various stages in your games as you win some things like weapons in war games, you can trade them on e-bay. There are real buyers for those awesome weapons.

6) You can write tips or cheat codes for the games and earn money too.